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Thread: Mantiq review

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    Default Mantiq review

    Assalaamu alaykum. (me again)

    Quite a few years back I attended an Islamic lecture and I remember the lecturer mentioning how logic wasnít taught anymore, and basically what a great loss that was for us. Thatís when I had a desire to learn this subject. I didnít really know what it was, except that it was an important subject and one worth studying.

    Alhumdulillah a few years down the line Iíve been taught it and taught it too with nothing left to be desired except mastery of it. I canít believe how deep a subject it is and how easily some criticise it or think it retarded. This is what Ibraheem (alayhi salaam) was praised for when he used it. If this isnít the root of wisdom then I donít know what it can be called.

    The teacher can understand thoroughly the eloquent speech of Imam Ghazali. I believe many other scholars could not understand it the way he does nor teach it like him, he has taught it in such a way that a novice like me has grasped the concepts of correct logical reasoning and increased her understanding of the Arabic language. His bringing a certain book or topic into the program is thought out, exactly what the student needs, although s/he may not understand or appreciate this straight away.

    Everything Iím learning here is setting a foundation for me and not only is it increasing my yearning to learn more of the deeni uloom it is feeding it. If you are thinking about joining this course then my advice would be join it and if you are under the misconception of the light (for knowledge is nur) from your teacher entering your heart because you are not learning face to face, rest assured. Know that tawfeeq is only from Allah Taíala and persevere. You will come away with more than understanding of the Arabic language.

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    Alhamdulillah, that is a beautiful post sister! I can't wait to get to that level of learning!

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    I have had very little exposure to Logic, so cannot wait till i cover it iA ta'aala.

    And some scholars say that we ought to be mindful of our company: of what we read, what we see online etc, bcz all of that is also 'suhbat/company' that will ultimately have an impact on us (in keeping with the analogy of the perfume seller and the blacksmith in the sacred hadith). And you are right, Noor and Hidayah comes from Allah and I am sure that if Allah has opened up the door to learning for us over the internet, rather than in another form, then HE Himself will bless us with the Noor, since it is not always possible for us to be learning face to face with the Ulaama.

    Regarding the syllabus/books taught on the S.Program... i think we should trust out Ustadhs, they have so much experience and knowledge which we cannot even attempt to come near.

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