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    Default Reference Book: التبيان فى اعراب القران

    In one of the lectures (week 7 I think), Mufti Yusuf pointed out the reference for the excellent explanation for the missing التي in a sentence in the qasas - 1 book.

    The name of the book is التبيان فى اعراب القران or the lengthier name:
    املاء ما من به الرحمن من وجوه الاعراب والقراءات فى جميع القران

    written by أبي البقاء عبد الله بن الحسين بن عبد الله العكبري

    This book is available here:

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    is this a good resource for us to use for tarkeeb part of our tafseer class?

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    It's too advanced. Try to work it out on your own... whatever you are unable to figure out, we will give to you in the session. After a couple of months of doing this weekly, it will bcome easier, insha Allah.
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